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AIM Work Group

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The AIM (ABEL Independent Members) Work Group is a consumer-survivor owned and operated business providing painting and janitorial services in Norfolk County.

The AIM Work Group was formed and registered on October 1, 2018 to enable its partners to continue existing painting and janitorial contracts on their own.  This group of partners manages all aspects of their business and ABEL Enterprises is proud of the great work and personal growth this group has done for themselves over the past few years.

What can AIM do for you?

If you're looking for painting, cleanup, or janitorial services for your home or business, let the AIM group work beside you to get the job done!  Not sure if your job falls under these categories?  Contact us to find out!  We are always willing to try something new and are also interested in considering outsourcing work and sub-contract work with local businesses.  If you are a local business owner, give us a call to discuss how the AIM Work Group can help you.

How AIM can help you!

Here are some examples of the services we can provide.

  • Apartment/dwelling preparation for new occupants:

    • filling small holes

    • painting walls/ceilings​

    • cleaning ovens, fridges, cupboards, bathrooms, etc.

    • stripping and waxing floors

    • removing leftover items/trash

  • Janitorial work

  • Outdoor painting:

    • doors, fences, picnic tables, etc.​

  • Yard cleanup:

    • raking leaves​

    • picking up sticks/branches

    • moving items around/rearranging

  • General junk cleanup/removal

  • Other small jobs:

    • taking in recycling bins at apartment buildings​



Fill out the "Contact the AIM Group" form below, or call, email, or visit us:

Phone: (519) 426-4590


Office: 447 Queensway W, Simcoe, ON N3Y 2N4

We look forward to working with you!

Contat AIM
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